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5kW System James Clapham

James – Clapham

“The combination of more efficient SunPower panels, better buying from energy retailers and home behaviour tweaks has made a huge difference.”

The Results

$850 Starting quarterly power bill

$315 New quarterly power bill*

$535 Quarterly Savings ($)*

63% Quarterly Savings (%)*

3.4 Payback Years*

*This is an estimate

Case Study: James – Clapham

James acquired a new home with the intention of undergoing major renovation of main building.​ This prevented consideration of a solar system… until Energy Buster introduced SunPower.​ SunPower’s superior performance allowed a good-sized solar system on the roof of the home office, located in a separate building.

  • More efficient solar system – requiring 24% less space
  • 5.76KW SunPower solar system with ABB solar inverter​
  • Healthy product warranties – panels 25 year and inverter 10 year​
  • Energy buying guide and behaviour recommendations are also helping