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5kW System Lopresto residence Wynn Vale

Lopresto residence – Wynn Vale

The Results

$825 Starting quarterly power bill

$330 New quarterly power bill*

$495 Quarterly Savings ($)*

60% Quarterly Savings (%)*

3.1 Payback Years*

*This is an estimate

Case Study: Lopresto residence – Wynn Vale

This project presented two challenges. Firstly, the air-conditioner was on the way out and secondly, the power bill was steadily increasing. The client believed they could only afford one solution at a time.

Energy Buster demonstrated how a solar system could be self-funding and were also able to model, using our engineering tool, the energy consumption changes that would happen into the future with a growing family.

  • 5.76kW SunPower P-Series solar system – 18 x 320W black panels
  • Includes smart meter and advice of how to buy power
  • Achieving desired savings – and cash flow positive
  • Also happy panels are the most sustainably made available