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10kW System Piscioneri residence Newton

Piscioneri residence – Newton

The Results

$1,367 Starting quarterly power bill

$682 New quarterly power bill*

$685 Quarterly Savings ($)*

50% Quarterly Savings (%)*

4.2 Payback Years*

*This is an estimate

Case Study: Piscioneri residence – Newton

After moving into a brand new large house with all its modern conveniences, the client realised their new place consumed a large volume of power and installed a 10kW solar system. It helped, but another large system would be perfect.​

Doubling the size of the existing system provided a challenge as they had no chance of fitting on the roof. That is until Energy Buster introduced SunPower. SunPower’s far more efficient panels squeezed into the remaining space and helped tame the large power bill.​

  • 8.96kW SunPower P-Series solar system​
  • SMA inverter – matching existing model from original system​
  • Healthy solar feed-in tariff​
  • SunPower’s all black panels - less obvious on the roof​