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60kW System Schinella’s Prospect

Schinella’s - Prospect

The Results

$99,204 Starting monthly power bill

$62,064 New monthly power bill*

$37,140 Monthly Savings ($)*

37% Monthly Savings (%)*

2.7 Payback Years*

37% ROI*

*This is an estimate
^combined meters

Case Study: Schinella’s - Prospect

The Schinella family has supplied quality fresh fruit and vegetables to their local community for over 70 years.​

Schinella’s at Prospect also offer local and imported specialty foods; cheeses, continental goods, cured meats, nuts, condiments, sweets, artisan baked bread, fresh flowers, fish and homemade meals. ​

Case Study: Schinella’s - Prospect

Energy Buster’s solution included electrical embedding of the shopping market’s whole building, which included turning 5 meters into sub-meters, with only one electricity gate meter. ​

This was complemented with a 60kW solar PV system and 75kVAr power factor correction unit which benefits the entire building.​

  • Unlocking full savings potential by embedding the whole building
  • Noteworthy savings achieved, with highly attractive payback​
  • Now even small market consumers benefiting from best buying rate​