HR Products – Royal Park

HR Products – Royal Park

HR Products manufactures, imports and distributes quality automatic irrigation equipment for commercial and domestic use throughout Australia.

Established in 1979, HR Products are a wholesale supplier to retail irrigation, hardware, plumbing and rural stores. As one of the largest player in the Australian industry, HR Products have offices in all mainland state capitals.

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Stage one of Energy Buster’s solution for HR Product included a 30kW solar PV system and a LED light upgrade – completed September 2014.

Implemented five years later in 2019, stage two added another 30kW solar PV  system, as well as an approach that ensured no savings dilution occurred from a change in tariffs.

Energy Buster Remedy



Starting annual
power bill


New annual
power bill


Savings* ($)


Savings* (%)



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* Estimate     

Two stage solar PV rollout – 30kW 2014 and 30kW 2019 Were able to avoid savings diluting tariff change First stage included LED light upgrade