Nocelle Foods - Pooraka

Nocelle Foods - Pooraka

Since 1996 NocelleFoods have been manufacturing, wholesaling and distributing only the best quality Artisan produce. The Nocellebrands is a trusted name in the food industry with their leading food and drink products –from nuts and dried fruits to pasta sauces and speciality foods that suit all dietary requirements. Nocelleoffer only the freshest and most delicious produce that the world has to offer.

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A solar system is not the only option for commercial energy users.A solar system is not the only option for commercial energy users.After an engineering study it was ascertain that considerably more savings could be made deploying additional energy efficiencies elements, which included:LED lighting upgrade, 75kVAr power factor upgrade and refrigeration optimisation.

Energy Buster Remedy



Starting annual
power bill


New annual
power bill


Savings* ($)


Savings* (%)



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Power bill was still hurting, even after we had installed solar Pleasantly surprised by additional savings opportunities Additional efficiency elements reduced energy use instead of replacing it