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IGA Westside – Murray Bridge

An independent supermarket retailer servicing the local community of Murray Bridge. Striving to deliver a shopping experience that the local community value – shop local and conveniently with great customer services.

IGA Westside support local suppliers and brands, offering far more benefits than just competitive prices.

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After an extensive energy engineering study was undertaken a tailored holistic solution was designed, recommended and deployed.

This deployed solution included LED light upgrade, air-conditioning and refrigeration optimisation, 100kW SunPower solar PV system, power factor correction and bill re-engineering. IGA Westside have followed this deployed solution with the pathway to becoming carbon neutral.

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Rising energy cost challenge has now been overcome One stop “energy shop” guided and fully deployed tailored solution Sustainable Savings is assisting IGA Westside to become the first carbon neutral supermarket in Australia
  • Let us do the work for you


    We have a simple goal – to cut your power bill.

    The energy arena is very confusing. There are competing messages and approaches that claim success. Our team of energy engineers can cut through that complexity. Our job is to make life easier for you in dollars and commonsense.


    We target savings. There's no point buying more than you need.

    What do you need? An extra solar panel or lights you never use won't achieve your savings goal. We know what's achievable and how the elements interact. Importantly, we also know product shelf lives, and most are way too short.


    Well-designed solutions easily pay for themselves in business-friendly timeframes.

    The key: don't choose the wrong elements and don't over-invest in the right ones. Also look into robustness and longevity. There's a huge difference in the effective life of some solution elements. Always consider this as a part of your investment decision.