Kirsty - Belair

"After purchasing our house in Belair we noticed it already had an existing 2.0kW SunPower solar system that was installed in 2011. After “Google” research, comparing a wide range of well known brands on the market - our existing SunPower system had degraded far less than other major brands. To get deeper into our power bill and take advantage of the current healthy solar feed-in tariffs, we installed another 7.8kW of SunPower Maxeon-2 solar panels – getting us battery ready for the future.

The results have been better than I expected! SunPowers E-Series solar panels certainly are an exceptional panels. While working with Energy Buster was pleasantly trouble free and informative."  Kirsty - Belair

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7.8kW SunPower E-Series solar system Fronius solar inverter with smart meter Changed electricity retailer