Sarina's residence - Dernancourt

"Installing solar panels in your home can be a daunting process – at least it was for our household. How many panels should we get? Should we invest in a battery? How much electricity will we generate?

How long is return of investment? What are the best panels to get? We asked all these questions as we began our research into photovoltaic power. Upon our meeting with Ian, a sales representative from Energy Buster, we were pleasantly surprised. Not only did he answer all those questions – and more, he wasn’t being pushy in trying to sell a system to us.

We were pleased that we were only being recommended the premium products we had found in our own research, and not the poor quality panels that we were concerned about purchasing. After placing a deposit, we were extremely impressed with the service provided by Matthew.

He organised everything from the installation of our system, dealing with our energy provider to install a new meter, and even investigating and recommending a new plan from our provider to maximise our feed-in tariff. We were glad that we could receive within-the-hour responses to any queries we had, even after our installation. This process was also effortless – the contractors who came to install our system were friendly, explained what they were doing, and really cared about doing the job properly. They were more than happy to put our inverter inside, even though it meant more work for them, paying close attention to every detail as if it was their own home.​

From sales information, through installation to post-install support, we were very impressed by Energy Buster. For those like us who were struggling to find the best equipment, installed by tradesmen that care, and with access to great support, we would highly recommend Energy Buster.​”      Sarina - Dernancourt  ​

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5.12kW SunPower solar system 16 x 320W SunPower P-Series black residential solar panels 5.0kW Fronius SYMO solar inverter