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10kW Solar System

X 26 panels


10kW Solar System

Fully Installed

Warranty Local Australian Support
25 Years Panel Warranty
10 Years Inverter Warrant

Panels 26 x 320W panels

Tier 1 solar module

Inverter 1 x 5kW inverter

Buy online Fully installed $4,900


Huge savings on energy bills

Reduce your carbon footprint

Great return on investment

Increase your property value

Interest Free Finance Available

Performance Savings

Based on

  • 26 Panels
  • 22.5° Tilt
  • 348.8° Orientation [ North ]

Energy Output2 15,103 kWh / year

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction3 7,656 kg CO / year

Electricity Savings (maximum)3 $2,464 / year

1System efficiency is estimated by the solar installer to account for losses that may include shading, inverter efficiency for DC to AC conversion battery efficiency, cable losses, dirt, manufacturer tolerances, grid-tie system outages, maintenance downtime, and other factors.

2Energy Output is calculated based on historical solar irradiance and temperature data at this location, factoring in panel tilt, orientation, and all of the System Parameters including System Efficiency.

3Emission reduction assumes full output usage and 0.87 kg CO2 / kWh based on New South Wales average (National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (Measurement) Determination 2008).

4Assumes full year-round utilisation of generated electricity, and will change based on usage and feed-in tariffs.


Panels Sunpower Hypercell No product fact sheet available

Inverter GoodWe DNS Series No product fact sheet available

Mounting Kit & Installation Professional installation included

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We include a preinstallation inspection with one of our experienced engineers, to ensure your purchase will suit your home.

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