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While some solar panel warranties aren't worth the paper they're written on, Sunpower's 25-year "No Worries" warranty is worth its weight in gold!

Some companies make understanding what solar panel warranties cover – and for how long – very confusing.

There’s a reason for that – most solar panel warranties aren’t actually very good.

For instance, don’t confuse a “product” warranty with a “performance” warranty. When your solar panels fail, they’re no longer performing!

The product warranty gives you a good indication of how long the manufacturer is confident their product will last - which is often not very long at all. As soon as your product warranty ends, a performance warranty is meaningless.

By reading on you’ll discover how to receive the very best solar panel warranty available in Australia and save up to 400% more money over the life of your solar system.

What does your warranty actually cover?

Why does warranty length matter?

Can where a panel is made impact the warranty?

Does a 25-year warranty mean more expensive panels?

Thank you for taking the time to read this information about solar warranties. We hope it has explained things clearly and helped you to become more confident about the right solar panel choice for you.

Remember, always ask the right questions, read the small print and make sure you don’t fall into the solar warranty trap!

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