#1 Highest Efficiency Solar Panels Adelaide

Guaranteed No Slavery Panels
Patented technology

The patented technology used in our panels ensures  maximised efficiency – even in low light – which means greater savings for our clients year round.

Save on Bills
Uncompromising Durability

Research shows consumers are 100 times more likely to return a standard panel over a SunPower Panel, a testament to their quality.

40 Years Warranty
Industry’s Best Warranty

The most comprehensive warranties available on the Australian market, with a full 40 Year Warranty and no hidden fine print.

Trusted Partners

Energy Buster

Solar Panels & Solar Energy That Suit Your Family’s Needs

Energy Buster provides a holistic cure for your big energy bill stress headache. We offer a wide range of solar energy systems and services in Adelaide to help you harness the power of the sun and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Power bill stress solved
  • Runaway power prices avoided
  • Inefficiencies identified and resolved
  • Improved environmental footprint
  • No chlorine or lead in solar panels
  • Global best practice for energy efficiency
  • Attractive paybacks with a tailored solution