Learn More About Our Energy Buster Team

Who We Are

Energy Buster is the sister company of Sustainable Savings, with almost a decade of experience designing and installing large energy solutions, which include commercial solar PV systems for large commercial clients.

Our team is made up of skilled engineers, scientists and senior electricians who specialise in energy saving. Over many years we have provided solutions for some of Australia’s largest energy users.

We are now utilising our experience to provide the same outstanding results for homeowners and small businesses.

Our Energy Experts

Dr Davide Ross

Engineering Team Manager
Major project modelling

  • Engineering PhD
  • CMVP accredited
  • Registered Greenhouse and Energy CER Auditor
  • 23 peer-reviewed engineering journal articles
  • 20+ years experience in field

Dr Helen Chandler

Design and Modeling Platforms Manager

  • Science PhD
  • Greenhouse and Energy CER Auditing experience
  • Verified Carbon Standard methodology developer
  • 10+ years experience in renewable industry

Kurt Van Ryswyk

Modeling Tools Developer

  • Engineering Masters
  • Sustainable Engineering Society member
  • 2017 Bridgestone Solar World Challenge – Flinders University Solar Car Team (engineer)
  • 2019 Bridgestone Solar World Challenge – Flinders University Solar Car Team (President & driver)

Jethto Andal

Solar Engineer

  • Electronics Engineering Degree
  • Decade as solar engineer
  • Designed and helped commission 65MW solar system
  • Experienced at modelling all sizes of solar and now also holistic energy solutions

Julius Dimarucut

Systems Engineering

  • Electronics & Communications Engineering Degree
  • Systems and processes expert
  • Solar software systems, monitoring and reports manager
  • Supports our key equipment supply partners systems communications

Laurie Centofanti

Solar QA Manager

  • Senior electrician
  • 12+ years designing and installing commercial and residential solar
  • Accredited CEC solar installer
  • Accredited CEC solar designer